Pursuing Multiple Routes to Market

The news is all consistent; great uncertainty exists in how the global market will achieve compliance to the new regulation. Rigby Refining LLC will contribute in three ways:

Build, Own, Operate

Rigby is developing multiple facilities located at key bunkering hubs. Our facilities are embedded in the already existing bunkering infrastructure. We will use the same docks, storage and transportation networks in use today. By de-sulfurizing the HSFO at current terminalling locations, we minimize the disruptive nature of the new regulation.

EPF Supply

In addition to the Rigby facilities, we recognize the need for a more comprehensive footprint. Rigby provides modular facilities that can be deployed globally. Most traditional technologies only indirectly address the lack of compliant fuel and excess of refining residuals. Rigby’s technology directly addresses both those issues at a significant savings. Modular facilities can be supplied as stand-alone units or can be integrated with an operating facility such as a refinery.


As our outreach continues, we have identified numerous locations where a more customized approach is optimal. When one of our modular units isn’t the best option, we license our technology and work with our partners to provide the supporting engineering.

We would also like to reach out to Refiners with idle Hydrotreating / Hydrocracking Assets. Rigby is happy to evaluate whether your idle unit can be revamped for the Rigby Process® at minimal cost and be up and operational in as soon as a few months.