Supplying High Quality, Premium Residual Fuel Oil for the Shipping Industry

Rigby’s solution to IMO 2020 is rooted in traditional refining hydrotreating processes. Our solution is unique because it focuses on removing sulfur and other environmental contaminants from an ISO 8217 compliant high sulfur residual marine fuel, which is widely available in the market today, to produce a patented ISO 8217 compliant Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) or Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (ULSFO). The proprietary Rigby Process® is counter to other refining upgrading processes in that our process is designed to minimize cracking and hydrogenation while maintaining the desired bulk fuel properties and maximizing production of the patented Rigby Fuel® (VLSFO) or Rigby Fuel (ULSFO).

Feedstock to the Rigby Process is ISO 8217 compliant HSFO that is currently produced through efficient and existing commercial routes. The patented Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) is expected to be a preferred fuel of shippers with superior properties to blends, distillate-based fuels and other low sulfur marine fuel options as the bulk properties of Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) are consistent with the HSFO traditionally used by shippers. Rigby Fuel does not require additives and has properties superior to HSFO. Rigby Fuel has very low metals content, reduced asphaltenic content, no cat fines; it is homogenous, stable and miscible. Other chemical contaminants which have caused major problems for ship engines are also removed by the Rigby Process.

Commercially, the patented Rigby Process is a significantly lower priced alternative to any variety of hydrocracking, coking and other residual upgrading options. When compared with the available information on competitive technologies, the Rigby Process Unit is a much faster option to market as either stick-built or fully modular (or some combination thereof) with a significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Rigby Refining has completed multiple successful pilot tests utilizing feedstocks with sulfur content between 2.4% and 3.3%. The fuel oil produced is ISO 8217 compliant with a sulfur content of less than 0.5%. Rigby has also demonstrated the ability to produce a 0.1% sulfur ISO 8217 fuel oil product which would be viable currently in Environmental Control Areas (ECAs).

Rigby Refining plans to build, own and operate multiple Rigby facilities globally. These plants will upgrade HSFO to ISO 8217 compliant 0.5% VLSFO, or 0.1% ULSFO.

Prior to implementation of IMO 2020, over 100 million tons of HSFO was consumed annually and the industry needed a solution to address these stranded materials. The patented Rigby Process places Rigby Refining in the best position to maximize the opportunities of converting this abundant high sulfur feed into an ISO 8217 compliant residual fuel at a low production cost.


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Rigby Fuel® (VLSFO) Property Data

Rigby Refining has conducted comprehensive analytical testing of the fuel produced in Pilot Tests. The results confirm that the patented Rigby Fuel VLSFO is ISO 8217 compliant, while maintaining or improving the ISO 8217 properties. Additional testing shows that Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) has superior cleanliness, lubricity and ignition and combustion properties, making it a very desirable fuel for shippers. Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) is also compatible with both distillate (ULSD/MGO) and residual marine fuels (RMG 380/RMK 500). Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) was also tested after 57 weeks in storage and it maintained its ISO 8217 properties, cleanliness and stability even after a year in storage. In other words, Rigby Fuel (VLSFO) has unlimited “shelf life,” unlike many alternatives.

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The Rigby Process®

Rigby’s engineering, design and operating parameters are rooted in commercially proven, globally recognized, mature refining processes. We use a patented proprietary technology to convert ISO 8217 compliant high sulfur fuel oil to ISO 8217 compliant VLSFO (0.5%)  or ULSFO (0.1%).

Rigby is the exclusive provider of the Rigby Process Technology. Contact Rigby Refining for details about the Rigby Fuel properties and discover how we will produce IMO 2020 compliant heavy marine fuel oil.

Rigby Fuel and the Rigby Process are the subject of one or more US Patents including: 10,308,884; 10,533,141; 10,563,132; 10,563,133;10,584,287;10,604,709; other US and non-US granted patents and pending patent applications.

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